Ingrid Ström 1921-06-25 / 2012-07-23

The purpose of the website is primarily to show Ingrid’s work as an artist in a nice and orderly manner and also to write some of Ingrids Biography. Ingrid’s breadth as an artist is startling, see the different techniques that interests her in tabs “Gallery” – “Studies” – “Biography”. The Website Gallery will show the width of the many different “techniques” which interested Ingrid and whom she worked extensively with!

I want to thank Mia Antonsson who did such a fine job with the website and its original design, without her it would probably not become any website at all. It was a coincidence that I am of friends found out that there was a “girl” in Hofors that “would be good at producing websites” and I made contact with her which i don´t regret!

I would also like to thank Björn Oscarsson who helped me to further develop the website from Gothenburg and has also been a major help when it comes to imaging.

From 2015, I must thank for the transformation of into a responsive website developed in WordPress.

I wish understanding that some images may not correspond to reality in the way I want, this is due largely to the “ignorance” of imaging which I am constantly trying to improve, however i would like to point out that the photographed subject (in my experience) never can make an original justice.

Work to prepare images for presentation in the various galleries in progress, this is a very comprehensive work because Ingrid was incredibly productive!

Kind Regards Roger Ström