Margit 111220

I would like to highlight a Christmas Greeting that Margit Johannisson written and sent to Ingrid, Christmas 2011!

Margit writes ….

The lights might stars
The lights might stars in space sometimes
small stars that radiate and shine
Maybe the lights of love thoughts
as someone here on earth thinking
perhaps illuminates the new small stars somewhere
who live clear crystals
to reproduce sky light and balance
when others go out and fall …..

The lights might stars in space sometimes
when someone has flicked his hands
may light the love prayers
as anybody on earth broadcasting
perhaps illuminates the new small stars somewhere
in space starry throng
Maybe love is our earthly chance
to create a brighter sky ….

The lights might stars in space sometimes
for love can do over
perhaps created something forever
in fleeing brief moments
perhaps new stars can light up anywhere
when love powers may advise
Maybe it was so dark if love did not exist
and there were stars to behold ….

By Margit Johannisson!

Marianne 110625

Marianne Ferm Congratulations Ingrid on the 90th anniversary with this fine lines!

Dear Ingrid
Warm good thoughts from me to you on your big birthday! It is quite incredible that you become so old and wise. Though wise, you’ve always been. The mind boggles when you think about
everything that happened these 90 years, both for yourself and how the world has changed so much in recent years. A joyful birthday with family and friends, I wish you.

Big Hug Marianne

Flowers: Kung Karls Spira, Fingerborgsblomma, Blåklint

Margit 110625

Birthday Greeting from Margit Johannisson 2011!

Margit Johannisson family Congratulations Ingrid on the 90th anniversary!

Margit writes …
Ingrid, on your birthday!

You did it!
Moving mountains are probably as hard
despite the toil very hard
But you have succeeded in something big
and reached your goal with your work

Now you got what you asked for
what has been worthwhile
So treat yourself to a large serving
the pride of achievement “

With these words we all want to Congratulate Birthday, Tinna, Chris, Rune and Margit!
We’re coming when celebrations has settled, many hugs!