The world who’s who of women

About the IBC
The International Biographical Centre, of Cambridge, England, is a world leader in biographical publishing. Founded over forty years ago, its range of reference titles have earned an international reputation for unrivalled scope and integrity. In that period, the IBC has published more than 1,000,000 biographies of people of note from all over the world in more than 150 editions of its reference works.

These books are housed in libraries, research institutions and private collections all over the world. Entry into our books is based on merit alone and we never charge for inclusion.
IBC titles are compiled with the valuable assistance of organisations, societies and individuals from around the world.

This fifth edition of The World Who’s Who of Women contains more than ten thousand biographies approaching seven thousand, illustrated with portraits. Given the monumental work, it is hardly surprising that it has taken two years to compile.

The World Who’s Who of Women
Was first published in 1973, is now accepted as a standard book, biographical reference in the world and I am particularly pleased that the libraries in many countries subscribe to the ever-growing number.

With this fifth edition of the World Who’s Who of Women is published forty – three thousand biographees and our picture library contains more than thirty thousand portraits of our biographees.

The criterion for inclusion in the World Who’s Who of Women remains based solely on merit, it is not possible to “buy” a listing. internationella Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England (IBC) is completely apolitical non-sectarian and independent

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International Biographical Centre,
Cambridge CB2 3QP,
January 1980