Weaving mill, stopperi, embroidery, applications, lapp technique – Interest in working with textiles has always been there. That work with textiles (fabrics, yarns) still could be developed in the form of Weaving mill, stopperi, embroidery, applications and lapp technique was primarily due to I in these technologies could also benefit “little moments” without any major preparation.

To compare with such graphic technique that require lots of contiguous time when a lot of part is to be performed in sequence, also will be usually very dirty with this technology and there are many tools that must be cleaned after one session.

Ingrid had a traditional loom from the the parental home where she wove rag rugs. She sounded also a carpenter to fabricate a very special loom to perform stopperier.

Fabrics and yarns of all types of materials and quality purchased at all the places Ingrid often visited for other reasons, whenever there was a yarn or fabric store nearby, Ingrid was “compelled” to visit this.

Textiles Vests, Embroidery, Applications.

Textiles coat, Embroidery, Applications – Ingrid was especially pleased with embroider red coat, on free-hand (without pattern).

Textil Vests, Lapp technique.

Textiles, Stopperi
Ingrid sounded also a carpenter fabricate a very special loom (following her instructions) to perform stopperier. A standing “loom” where the subject was sketched (mirrored) on a paper which then is attached to the inside of the front, stopperiet was performed from the back of the loom, where the sketched (mirrored) sketch synthesis through the loom “threads”. As stopperiet was completed ie the sketched (mirrored) began to be hidden on the back loom so could Ingrid open the front cover and check that the picture evolved that way as she wanted.

Ingrid improvised with all kinds of yarns which she gathered over the years, Ingrid thought it was fun to see how the picture appears gradually ..