Ingrid’s breadth and capacity for work as an artist;
It is astonishing when you get a insight into how many different techniques Ingrid worked with if you also add to that the extensive production Ingrid accomplished between 1975 and 2008
in the studio on Kämpegatan 38 in all techniques, you become totally speechless.

2007, Ingrid and I sorted all remaining artworks in the Ateljé on Kämpegatan 38 in Mölndal, additionally we took the opportunity for Ingrid to signed all unsigned artwork she found worth preserving. From the day we started this work, I asked myself; I Wonder how many artworks there are in this Ateljén?

The same question we asked ourselves (2008) when we started to photograph artwork for the website. I get this question quite often as the work with the website’s development progresses.

I always say the same thing; We will if we’re lucky, to find this out. Currently there are 853 images uploaded on the website of about 1063 processed images and then I most certainly have not done one third of the remaining work on artwork for the gallery, on the basis of this, the number of remaining artworks estimated to be at 3-4000 pieces. This text will be revised hindsight.

To the above, one should take into consideration all artwork sold at shows and through visits to the studio. This number works is very difficult to say, but clearly it is not small figure we are talking about, then there have been many very art-interested people in the sphere of Ingrid’s long and in my eyes fantasize unique fine artistic life.

Techniques: Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic Wallpaper, Acrylic Collage, Acrylic, Mixed techniques – Graphic Copper, Graphics Lithography, Graphic_P_Litho_originalplates, Graphics woodcut, Graphics Linoleum – Fabrics, Enamel, Pastel, Indian ink, Pen drawings, Carbon drawings.

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Below under the headings is shown a selection of different techniques.